How to write a review?

Write a review

The purpose of criticism is to present a new work so that the recipient can decide whether the book should be read, a play or a game. Criticism is the opinion of an expert but always the opinion of only one recipient.

The review is written about the work, not the author, and it is written for other readers / viewers, not the author.

  • So the rating
  • reported on
  • presents
  • explains
  • analyze the
  • interprets the
  • evaluated.
  • Work Writing (Literature Review):
  1. At the start, give the basic information about the book: author, name, possible translator, publisher and Publication Year.
  2. Briefly tell the author.
  3. Introduce the work. Describe its subject, structure, milieu, persons, main events and language. Tell the genre of the book.
  4. Analyze and interpret the work. What is the theme of the work? What does it say about its theme?
  5. Evaluate the work in your own kind.
  • What is a typical or atypical representative of his species?
  • What kind of book is a reading experience?
  • What does the work give to the reader?
  • How valuable or important is the message?
  • Take advantage of prestigious adjectives (wild, sore, gorgeous, dirty, fresh, brilliant …).

Summarize your opinion in the title.

Criticism is divided into three parts:

  1. Description (short presentation of the book with source information and genre definition)
  2. Interpretation (criticism of the work, opening the theme and goal of the work)
  3. Actual evaluation (the work is proportional to the author’s other production, the type he represents, highlights its merit and weaknesses)