How to write an article?

The article is based on source material and background interviews. Not all sources may be displayed, but the author will filter out the information he has acquired through his own thinking. Nowadays, the article may contain dramatized episodes of situation that illustrate the information.

The author himself is an expert in the article. Sometimes he can also appoint other experts. This demonstrates the accuracy and universality of the data. The more detailed the sources are, the more scientific and objective the extract of the article is. As a text, it is usually quite extensive.

The article may contain, in addition to the title and ingress, a number of subheadings, images, charts, and source lists.

The article’s attractiveness and meaning can be examined, for example, by the following criteria:

  1. News Value
  2. Fictional Value
  3. Social Value (Evidence of Injustice!)
  4. Attention
    Measure 5: The number of characters in a broad article is up to 40,000 characters!

If three criteria are met, the article exceeds the release threshold. If all the criteria are met, the article is perfect! (edited by Anu Silfverberg)

NB! The article is not a generic name for a newspaper story! If you are not sure about the type of text published in the journal, you can use the names of the thing or text.